There's No Place Like Home: Home-Like Environments in Aged Care Facilities

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Dilemmas arise from the clash between the resident’s rights to choice, decision-making and risk taking, versus the nurses’/doctors’/providers’ obligations to provide safe services, albeit heavily regulated, within a home-like environment.

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When we talk about to the resident's rights in healthcare, we are usually referring to the rights, duties and obligations exercised in a relationship between resident/nurse, resident/doctor and/or resident/care provider. To me, this is where dilemmas arise: from the clash between the resident's rights to choice, decision-making and risk-taking, versus the nurses'/doctors'/providers' obligations to provide safe services, albeit heavily regulated, within a home-like environment. If you’re like me, and you hear the term 'home-like environment' again, you’ll go crazy! This is because the environment is not at all like their home used to be. The 'home' we provide is full of rules and regulations. In fact, when a resident enters residential care, they often begin a slow but steady downhill journey where free will and decision-making are slowly stripped away until the person becomes quite dependent.


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Christine Suter
Christine (RN, BN, MPHC) is an RN with 40 years experience, traversing the profession as an AIN, EN, RN, RM N.ED. to DON. She is currently in transition-to-retirement and working as a casual RN on the floor in a small rural hospital with an aged care facility attached. Her interests are aged care and particularly nurses; their working relationships, team dynamics and how nurse leaders and managers deal with the day to day complexities of leading and managing.
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Portrait of Tara Amory
Tara Amory
22 May 2021
Good read
Andrea Emerson
03 Nov 2020
A very interesting read and such valuable, often forgotten, advice.
Portrait of Marie Sandra Dela Cruz
Marie Cruz
23 May 2021
Very satisfying to read. I am loving Aged Care even more.
Portrait of Kirsten Vigh
Kirsten Vigh
02 Nov 2023
Registered Nurse
Viliami Eukaliti
27 Feb 2022
A quick easy and appropriate read/artical.
Melinda Kelly-Hamilton
30 Aug 2021
Portrait of Heather Blackhall
Heather Blackhall
05 Dec 2019
Interesting little article
Kathryn Li
28 Nov 2020
This resource speaks a concise but direct topic about how to meet the needs of the residents in an aged care facility and how to be a better professional in meeting those needs.
Julie Mills
20 Jun 2023
Enrolled Nurse
I agree with the content
Erica Slakhorst
25 Aug 2022
Registered Nurse
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