Parkinson's Disease

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Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological condition, marked by both motor and non-motor symptoms. Parkinson’s disease is the result of deterioration occurring in the nerve cells in the middle area of the brain (parietal lobe), the area in which dopamine is produced.

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Parkinson’s is often understood as ‘movement disorder’ due to its association with tremors, stiffness and balance problems, however, there are many non-movement issues that occur as a result of this disease. Non-movement symptoms include depression, constipation and memory loss.

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Jacqueline Elvin
08 Dec 2019
Very interesting read.
Marlene Hall
07 Apr 2022
Very easy to understand and knowledge was gained.
Brenda Holligan
01 Apr 2021
Very informative
Tracy Dean
31 May 2022
Gautami Motupally
07 Oct 2020
Easy to read/follow article on parkinsons, covers all the basics.
Audrey Flierman
07 Apr 2021
Interesting and helpful information
Mary Fletcher
31 Mar 2022
A great review of Parkinson’s disease.
Dorothy Mogendi
31 May 2021
Marion McClintock
31 Mar 2022
Very interesting informative and easy to understand. This will definitely improve my confidence and ability to provide appropriate care.
Portrait of Pauline Miller
Pauline Miller
01 Apr 2022
Very good update on Parkinsons knowledge.
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