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Statins are one of Australia's most common medicines. With their use on the increase, it is important that we as health professionals are well informed as to the current guidelines and recommendations surrounding prescribing and use of these medicines. Join Pharmacist Robyn Saunders as she gets you thinking about some ways we can utilise these medicines effectively.


Robyn Saunders

Robyn Saunders graduated with a bachelor of pharmacy degree from the Victorian College of Pharmacy (now Monash University). She has extensive experience in the provision of medication management services to residents of aged care facilities and medication users in their own homes.




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very good presentation

Lei Zhang
31 Aug 2018

Very informative talk...relevant to my area of work

Leonie clark
24 Jun 2018

A very thorough presentation to address statin's use and nursing considerations. Thank you!

Jenna He
12 Jun 2018

Advantage and some side effects of statins that needs to focus on it.

Susana Ave
05 Jun 2018

Interesting talk and very relevant to my patient cohort

Cassandra Stone
30 May 2018

Great session

Wilma Barnes
29 May 2018

Education related to the latest evidence based use of statins to treat patients at risk of cardiovascular problems. Also education was provided about deprescibing when the evidence is showing that lifestyle changes maybe be better encouraged. Education provided about the efficacy of statins in the age group over 75 years.

Julie Byard
18 May 2018

Very interesting topic.

Iana Villacastin
18 May 2018


Hayley Mackay
14 May 2018

Very informative, very interested in drug reactions

Lynette Whyte
13 May 2018

Informative and clear presentation.

Pietryna Duch
13 May 2018

very informative.

Sukhvinder Singh Birdi
12 May 2018

Very informative

Dorothy-anne burrows
10 May 2018

Well presented and easy to understand

Dawn joy barrett
09 May 2018

Very good presented

Hind Katrib
09 May 2018

very informative.

Kylie Bourne
09 May 2018

Very informative

Susan ingall
08 May 2018

Very informative

Timothy Hurley
04 May 2018

I found this to be a very interesting topic. So much has been said about the statins. How they assist in lowering cholesterol and their side effects. This video reinforced as well as verified knowledge that had been presented to me.

Candace Pederson
04 May 2018


Donna Brown
03 May 2018