Confusion and Memory Problems in Older People

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There are a number of factors that could be contributing to memory loss and confusion. Typical causes include dementia, acute illness and delirium. Establishing whether a client's change in condition is permanent or an acute episode will help you to decide on the right approach and plan of action.

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Increasing confusion in older clients can be puzzling, not only for them but also for you as a caregiver. Establishing if their change in condition is permanent or an acute episode will help you to decide on the right approach and plan of action. Knowing your client will give you some indication of their basic memory ability and general day-to-day functioning. This can be obtained from the client, their family and friends, and from other healthcare professionals providing them with care.

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Susan Tredenick
Susan Tredenick is a healthcare consultant with extensive experience in aged and community care. Operating in a range of industries, including Not-for-Profit, NGO and Private companies, she has a special interest in supporting people to be engaged with their healthcare management. Working with innovative companies allows this to be a reality as well as develop her interest in delivering speaking engagements to the community. With a background in nursing and management, her career includes roles in clinical and case management as well as project management with Telehealth and Telecare Research.
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Wendy Williams
07 Jul 2021
Interesting article
Mary Borromeo
14 Sep 2020
very informative
Melinda Kelly-Hamilton
28 Aug 2021
Melinda Kelly-Hamilton
28 Aug 2021
Wendy Walker
03 Jan 2022
Informative and relevant to Home Care Staff.
Claire Sampson
26 Jan 2021
Good practical article.
05 Jun 2021
Very useful
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