Nursing Care of Glioblastoma

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Glioblastoma is the most malignant type of brain tumour. Glioblastomas grow quickly and often spread to nearby brain tissue. Most GBMs develop ‘de novo’, meaning they start as grade IV tumours rather than developing from a lower grade.

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Glioblastoma is a type of glioma tumour, meaning it originates from the glial cells that support neurons in the brain. Specifically, glioblastomas are grade IV astrocytomas that originate from the highly vascular and quickly-reproducing astrocyte cells. In Australia, glioblastomas account for approximately 60% of brain tumours.


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suzanne whitford
01 Jan 2021
Kimberley McKinnon
11 Aug 2020
Easy to read and informative.
Jane Bartlett
28 Nov 2023
Nurse Practitioner
anja tilborghs
30 May 2021
I now have a greater appreciation for this disease and are able to pick symptoms otherwise thought of as of no relevance to be of significant value, hence to not dismiss anything I see and advice caring physician accordingly.
Bob Green
13 Apr 2021
Short but very informative article.
Kendra Hinds
06 Jan 2021
well written and good overview of the topic.
Christina Damiani
20 May 2022
Great concise punch of information for people who already know about GBM, or those being introduced to it the first time.
Pamela Boyd
16 Dec 2020
Very Good, concise, interesting and easy to digest, well worth the Read. Thank you.
Sarah McNaught
16 Feb 2021
Really good, great read
Portrait of Peta Langley
Peta Langley
21 Dec 2020
This article was brief, informative and interesting. It reviewed the formation, symptoms, Dx & Rx of Glioma and explained why it is difficult to resect successfully.
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