Paracetamol Management and Safety

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Paracetamol is the most commonly used medicine in Australia. It’s also the most frequently overdosed medicine, the most common reason for calling poisons centres, the top cause of acute liver failure in Western countries, and was responsible for over 95,000 hospitalisations and 200 deaths in Australia between 2007-08.

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Paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen, is an analgesic medicine used to reduce fever and manage mild to moderate acute or chronic pain. While paracetamol is considered safe and effective if used as directed, taking more than the recommended dose or overdosing, can be dangerous and in severe cases, fatal.


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Anna Caudwell
28 Apr 2022
Well informed article and worth reading.
Teresa Lees
18 Apr 2022
Registered Nurse
Excellent review.
Patrick Yam
07 Apr 2022
Registered Nurse
Good information about the administration of panadol.
Rebecca Smith
25 May 2022
Interesting read
Alison Wilson-Smith
04 May 2022
Registered Nurse
Very interesting.
Althea Davies
13 Apr 2022
Short and relevant to practice. Great read.
Ebony Richards
08 Apr 2022
New knowledge gained.
Kate Ayling
15 Apr 2022
Good reminder, well supported evidenced based reminder.
Mahvash Cody
13 Apr 2022
Shirt and succinct artivle
Anna Northwood
06 May 2022
Good article, short, relevant and easy to read
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