Preoperative Education

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Providing education to patients and their families is one of the most important aspects of nursing care. This can be education about practically anything, but most commonly: pain management, bowel management, physical restrictions, medication side effects … the list goes on. Education is essential to the patient and can vary quite dramatically depending on their individual needs.

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Preoperative education involves many areas. It is important to remember that all education should be individualised to each patient and their specific information needs.


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Sally Moyle
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Nurse Educator
Sally Moyle is a rehabilitation nurse educator with Epworth HealthCare. She has completed her masters of nursing (clinical nursing and teaching) and has experience in many nursing sectors including rehabilitation, orthopaedic, neurosurgery, emergency, aged care and general surgery. Sally is passionate about education in nursing in order to produce the best nurses possible.
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Carmel Bonnici
14 Nov 2023
Registered Nurse
good revision
Elizabeth cronk
28 Jul 2019
When in a highly demanding role, I can read a short article like perioperative care and a little goes a long way over time.
Portrait of Julie Hallett
Julie Hallett
18 Nov 2023
Registered Nurse
quick concise and informative
Portrait of Julie Angwin
Julie Angwin
05 Dec 2020
This was a great general overveiw of preoperative patient education and good reminder for all staff in the perioperative environment of the need for consistent messaging to patients for both within our own scope of practice and in readiness for handovers and beyond our immediate care episode. Great references at the end of the article to other texts for further reading too.
Kate Blair
15 Apr 2023
Good overview. Short read.
Elsa Pita
03 Nov 2020
Good resource.
Jasmine Vong
10 Nov 2023
Very interesting
Portrait of Jennifer Stewart
Jennifer Stewart
05 Mar 2020
Clear and concise.
Gemma Keenan
27 Apr 2023
Chris Smith
23 Nov 2023
Registered Nurse
This was an excellent reading and a good reminder for all nurses to be aware of the importance of educating patients regarding pre op and post op care to help them feel more supported and less anxious.
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