Managing Schedule 8 Medicines Safely

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Schedule 8 medicines are ‘controlled drugs’ that must meet specific conditions when being produced, supplied, distributed, owned and used. They are classified as drugs of dependence. While they offer significant therapeutic benefits, they also pose a high risk of misuse, abuse and dependence.

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Schedule 8 medicines are associated with significant risks. It is essential to be aware of your professional obligations when managing and administering these medicines for your clients. This article is intended for registered nurses and medication endorsed enrolled nurses, although the principles apply to all staff who manage and/or administer medication, including personal care assistants/other care workers working under supervision.


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Portrait of Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole
21 Feb 2021
Great to cover legal issues, state by state laws regarding S 8 drugs. Also what to be aware of with drug seeking behaviour .
Cecilia Castillo
30 May 2021
Portrait of Tara Amory
Tara Amory
27 May 2021
Jodie Gregg
17 Jan 2021
Good overview.
Katherine Saplala
20 Jan 2021
Specific and informative.
Mia-Louise Hogan
08 Aug 2021
Excellent resource!!
Debra Matheson
15 Jan 2021
This resource was a good overall easy to understand explanation of the subject
Portrait of Melinda Kumar
Melinda Kumar
26 Jan 2021
very informative and interesting.
Samantha Coppack
04 Mar 2022
Registered Nurse
Very good review of the legal and professional issues around Schedule 8 medications.
Portrait of Rama Bhandari
Rama Bhandari
21 Jan 2021
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