CPD35m of CPD
Total Rating(s)31
Publish Date04 November 2018
Review Date18 July 2021
Expiry Date04 November 2021
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia

Course Overview

This Mandatory Training Module will help you explore the issue of behaving respectfully - especially when you are at work. The expectation is that you will be able to apply insights gained to your practice.


  • Workplace culture
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Leadership and safety
  • Zero tolerance

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise factors that contribute to poor workplace culture
  • Describe a respectful workplace
  • Be more aware of how you contribute to a respectful workplace

Target Audience

This module is intended for staff commencing employment at any level in the healthcare sector.

Validation of learning:

  1. A card or letter from a patient thanking you for your care
  2. A reflective, de-identified story about how you have implemented your learning
  3. An appraisal that demonstrates that you have contributed to a respectful workplace


This material was developed by the content expert listed below. It is presented by a professional presenter.


Portrait of Andrew Crowther
Andrew Crowther

Dr Andrew Crowther, RN, MA, PhD, CertEd. Andrew is adjunct Associate Professor in Nursing at Charles Sturt University and an educator in private practice in South Australia. He has wide experience as a clinician, educator and senior manager in the healthcare sector and as a teacher and researcher in university Schools of Nursing. Andrew has been variously, Associate Head of School, Head of School and Sub Dean, Research, Honours and Graduate Studies. He is the editor of a textbook for nurse managers and has around twenty publications on a range of subjects.

CPD35m of CPD
Total Rating(s)31
Publish Date04 November 2018
Review Date18 July 2021
Expiry Date04 November 2021
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia
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Cultural Considerations

Further Learning

Learner Reviews


31 Total Rating(s)

Portrait of Karen Saunders
Karen Saunders
18 Mar 2019

Reinforcement of existing knowledge but a worthwhile refresh

Generic portrait
Patricia Oliver
17 Mar 2019

Entry level content. Additional examples and scenarios would be helpful as well as a coverage of direct and indirect discrimination.

Generic portrait
Leisha McInnes
11 Mar 2019

This was a good topic to think about and good to think about how you, yourself respond to different situations in the workplace.

Portrait of Kellie Betts
Kellie Betts
10 Mar 2019

It was a little frustrating my life time of work experiences brought me to the right decisions right conclusions before the module actually got there.

Portrait of Elenore Quebral
Elenore Quebral
04 Mar 2019

This has given me more awareness on behaving well at workplace

Generic portrait
Jenny Baker (Gammon)
28 Feb 2019

Valuable resource short bu concise information !

Generic portrait
Tanya Tanya
27 Feb 2019

Great reinforcement of knowledge , enjoyed the thery of hurt people hurt was very interesting

Generic portrait
Jan Snowdon
24 Feb 2019

Well worth including this module in annual competency and useful to raise my awareness to these issues and options of action available.

Portrait of Karen Church
Karen Church
20 Feb 2019

The learning activity was concise and well presented.

Generic portrait
jane prezma
10 Feb 2019

thank you for this short and concise module on workplace culture. Due to the multiple cultural and age differences in the workforce and with our patients, it is important and essential to be respectful at all times, learning to listen is essential, but also one must be observing our fellow workers and note signs of stress, and maintain open and unbiased communication with all staff.