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Falls are a major cause of catastrophic injury for older people and can often result in hospitalisation and extended stays, putting them at further risk of falls. This engaging session gives a thorough overview of the standards relating to falls in older people as well as risk factors and evidence-based approaches to prevention.


Stephanie Gettens

Stephanie is a registered nurse and has a background in general medicine and trauma orthopaedics. Her interest in falls prevention resulted in a position as a falls resource nurse providing support and education to the staff and patients on falls prevention initiatives. This lead to a position as a Principal Project Officer where she is responsible for supporting and coordinating National Standard 8 - Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries and Standard 10 – Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls for Queensland Hospital and Health Services. Stephanie has recently completed a Masters of Philosophy researching the impact falling has on patients’ in an acute care facility.




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Great information

Junhui Gu
22 Nov 2018

Great content delivered in a clear, concise manner.

Travis Simms
27 Sep 2018

Interesting stats, worth a listen.

Kate Ayling
22 Jun 2018

very good

Stephen Dunk
30 May 2018


Jennifer Francis
13 May 2018

Very practical

Kerry Flude
10 May 2018

Well presented talk about falls and all key points covered thoroughly.

Jennifer Margaret Polglase
10 May 2018

Very clearly presented- thank-you

Nanette HAYNES
08 May 2018

Easy listening

Sarah Ashby
08 May 2018

Good information

Shilpi katiyar
06 May 2018

Very interesting and I am able to take some of the information and put it into my nursing practise. Stephanie a very good presenter.

Wendy Nicol
13 Apr 2018


Lesley Lepp
30 Mar 2018

Excellent. Gives a lot of practical applications to prevent falls and improve nursing care.

Michele Selby
25 Mar 2018

Very informative and practical. Lots of great statistical evidence and life experience tips. Excellent educator with sincere enthusiasm.

Steven Walker
24 Mar 2018

Fabulous presenter - used the slides as prompts, not a script

Jude Lowe
05 Mar 2018

I recommend this education to other health professionals

Ingrid Slattery
23 Feb 2018

Extremely practical and easy suggestions to implement. It has created and reinforced a greater awareness on falls, times and places they occur, and those patients at higher risk

Tracy Halliburton
21 Feb 2018

Learned new ideas to prevent fall of people especially aged peoples.This session was good.well explained with relevant examples that’s make this topic more cleared.

Renu Renu
04 Feb 2018

Excellent speaker.Valuble VLA

Hemaltha piyaratna
02 Feb 2018

Engaging speaker,excellent lecture with simple strategies for preventing falls

Marie Parker
02 Feb 2018

Great revision and also I needed information on the National Standards for Accrediation

Fiona Le Cren
01 Feb 2018


Riza Magnaye
23 Jan 2018

Staffing levels must be a factor in falls.

Angela Faulkner
21 Jan 2018

Great session. Very informative, practical and gives simple yet effective strategies to provide better patient care and reduce falls.

Shananne Emma Field
19 Jan 2018

I found the speaker enthusiastic and engaging. Very passionate and will take back some ideas to my organisation to change and improve how we reduce and manage falls in our hospital

lucy ventham
17 Jan 2018