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Concise documentation offers a clear picture of the progress – or lack of progress – of a patient’s condition. Conversely, a lack of clear documentation can only muddy records of your actions, even if you've performed perfectly in every other area of your practice. Learn from several case studies that show how documentation can, in some cases, literally be the difference between life and death.


Linda Starr

Dr Linda Starr is a general and mental health qualified nurse, lawyer, and associate professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders University. Her research interests have been in health law for health practitioners, criminal law, forensic health care, and elder abuse investigation and prosecution, which was the subject of her PhD. Linda is currently the chair of the state board of the Nursing and Midwifery Board, Australia, the director on the Board of Directors at the Aged Rights Advocacy Service, and is the founding president of the Australian Forensic Nurses Association. She has an extensive speaking record, nationally and internationally, on issues in health law, forensic nursing, and elder abuse.



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A well presented session that reinforces the need for good documentation practices

Deborah Stacey
17 Nov 2018

Interesting. Could say common problem in electronic age.

Susan K March
09 Sep 2018

Shows how important proper documentation is. There is a reason for passwords and files should never be left open

Candace Pederson
04 Sep 2018


Angela Olsen
07 Aug 2018

It was very informative

Joanne Bate
22 Jul 2018

Clear presentation with relevant case studies

Geraldine McBean
22 Jul 2018

It was a great resource, but it was difficult when not being able to see the slides the lecturer was presenting

Aaron James
19 Jul 2018

It's important to ensure the acknowledgment of policies and procedures regarding correct documentation and usage of technological data storagment.

Andrea Maria Mirabile
18 Jul 2018

Excellent presentation*****

Dianne Paddock
18 Jul 2018

This was very helpful, I found it annoying though that there were clearly slides that were made available but I was not able to see because it was not made available.

Carley Monk
15 Jul 2018

Reinforces - sign out and do not give your password to anyone

Lola Bray
12 Jul 2018