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In this short and sharp presentation, enjoy a basic overview of ECG importance and interpretation. This lecture will cover all the 101s of ECG interpretation, as well as reinforce your importance as a health professional in adequately performing and troubleshooting this diagnostic process.


Joanne Reading

Joanne Reading is a clinical educator within the 42 bed ICU at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, which also services critically ill patients from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Women’s Hospital. Joanne holds a critical care graduate certificate and a master of health science with a focus on education. She is also the author of her own nursing education website called “Blogging for your Noggin”. With a special interest in all things cardiac and respiratory. Joanne is passionate about ensuring that education not only fosters critical thinking but is entertaining in the process!




80 Total Rating(s)

Very user friendly approach

Trinity Flynn
29 Nov 2018


Kate Couper
27 Nov 2018

Very applyerble information

Marie-Therese Shields
05 Nov 2018


Sue Heath
04 Nov 2018

The course was informative and well presented

Lynette King
29 Oct 2018

First time I have listened to this Presenter and I was impressed very clear. Easy to understand. Good teacher.

Bev Brown
15 Oct 2018

Absolutely brilliant for anyone starting out in a cardiac ward!

Jessica Sharpe
03 Oct 2018

Great delivery.

Felix Adegaye
17 Sep 2018

Very good presentation

Michelle Cole
12 Aug 2018

Thorough and well explained

Maddison draper
25 Jul 2018

Very well done

Stacey Wicks
07 Jul 2018

Wonderful ECG refresher - thank you.

Karen Tuohy
09 Jun 2018

very easy to understand

Ingrid Yuncken
08 Jun 2018

Very well presented, lecturer was clear and concise

Hannah Charles
06 Jun 2018

I enjoyed revisiting ECG session.

Brenda Wilson
30 May 2018

Interesting session

Bradley Wessling
30 May 2018

Great session

Wilma Barnes
28 May 2018

Excellent presenter

Mark James
28 May 2018

Great video, lecture excellent to keep you interested and explaining the topic

Laura Strong
27 May 2018

Thought provoking; thank you

Sarah J Finlayson
27 May 2018


Jonathan Wood
25 May 2018

Interesting clear and concise.

Jonathan Wood
25 May 2018

Very knowledgeable presenter

24 May 2018

Very easy to listen to and informative

Alex Cooper
21 May 2018

A brief tool, perhaps aimed at someone with more than beginner knowledge.

Louise Morosi
20 May 2018

Easy to understand

Susan K March
20 May 2018

Great overview, easily understood

Sally Gallaway
18 May 2018

on of the best educators I have ever seen

Terry Dunne
17 May 2018

excellent course highly recommended

Sallianne Reed
16 May 2018

Fantastic presentation

Jenny Mattes
15 May 2018

good refresher

Barbara Clare Affleck
15 May 2018

Excellent and easy to grasp

Mary-Jane Gilmour
12 May 2018

Easy to follow, very helpful

Suzanne von nagy
10 May 2018

Lecturer well versed and knowledgeable. good as a refresher although some of the speakers were very hard to hear perhaps a transcript of lesson would be good

Duane Norrie
09 May 2018

Clear and engaging speaking and clearly knowledgeable on the topic

Jennifer Ryan
08 May 2018

The Educator was very engaging and very knowledgeable.

Cathy Cain
08 May 2018

She was good at simplifying the topic, makinf it easier to understand.

Lisa Johnson
08 May 2018

You can never watch too many presentations on ECG interpretation. This one just added more value to my existing repertoire of clinical skills and knowledge.

Nicole Gregory
08 May 2018

Easy to follow and understand. Would be interested in listening to more of her lectures

Charmain Hatch
06 May 2018

Great gap fill. Been awhile since I have looked at an ECG

Alison D maddison
06 May 2018

I found Joanna to be incredibly proficient in the knowledge of mechanisms of the heart, how they function, the where and why, and was captivated at the way she presented her knowledge. It was very interesting and easy to understand. I would be tempted to rewatch this presentation again to reinforce my understanding of ecg interpretation. Really good teaching.

Helen Felsch
05 May 2018

The lecture was informative and easy to understand.

Julie Doidge
03 May 2018

Engaging educator

Sue Steckyj
03 May 2018

Great and very informative have to watch it again!

Kathryn Howitt
03 May 2018

This learning gave me better insight into reading and understanding ECG’s and the meanings of the pqrst waves.

Lerene Fairhurst
03 May 2018

The presenter uses simple terms to describe the topic. She had made her audience to participate and engage with the discussion.

Christian Alagao
02 May 2018

Great lecture, informative and engaging

Jenni Soden
02 May 2018

Excellent refresher. Easy to understand.

Christine Knox
29 Apr 2018


Shiny Poovakulam
28 Apr 2018

Engaging speaker

Sarah Moore
27 Apr 2018

Good revision of ECG Interpretation

Maria Henrisa Manaid
27 Apr 2018

Very informative

Janelle McIntosh
26 Apr 2018

Good presentation which refreshed my memory re ECG interpretation

Virginia Margaret Grove
26 Apr 2018

Good basic overview, she kept me interested in the topic

Kate Catania
26 Apr 2018

Easy to understand

Timothy cross
26 Apr 2018

It is short but informative enough to refresh my knowledge about basic ECG reading.

Jocelyn Mellors
26 Apr 2018


Stewart morris
26 Apr 2018

Good lecture, great points raised. Presenter very good.

Barry Watt
26 Apr 2018

Easy to understand knowledgeable speaker

26 Apr 2018

Made sense, not rushed

Kimberley Kozumplik
26 Apr 2018

Excellent educator

Lynsay Kennedy
26 Apr 2018

I was a little bit lost at the start as the presenter kept referring to 'what you learnt yesterday', but as the presentation went on, I gained a great understanding to what I already knew as well as lots I didn't already know.

Bec Ozols
25 Apr 2018

very engaging

marilyn emmerson
25 Apr 2018

Love this lecturer

Marie-Louise Oegema
25 Apr 2018

Great topic, easy to follow and learn.

Hana Skripic
25 Apr 2018


Joanne Pegg
25 Apr 2018

It was such an interesting topic,I just wish that it was a bit longer or seen it from day 1

Patricia camacho
25 Apr 2018

ECG information taught in clear, succinct way

Vicky Carlisle
23 Apr 2018

Its very helpful to refresh the knowledge.

23 Apr 2018

engaging CN.

Lisa Maree Willmott
23 Apr 2018

Great quick summary

Alysha Hack
22 Apr 2018

This presenter was engaging and explained the information clearly

Lisa Harris
22 Apr 2018

the educator was engaging and I would recommend this education to other health professionals

Lynette hodder
19 Apr 2018

Great refresher

Soumya bhaskara
18 Apr 2018

good presentation

Rebecca Patricia Campbell
18 Apr 2018


Oliver Fittock
17 Apr 2018

This was very helpful in refreshing knowledge but I would love to listen to the previous talk that the presenter referred to many times.

Beth Keogh
17 Apr 2018

she communicates clearly

Wendy Boehringer
17 Apr 2018

Very Good.

Maree Findlay
16 Apr 2018

Very clear and easy to understand, thanks!

Penelope JANE Fleming
16 Apr 2018

Interesting.good tips to remember reading ecgs

Joanne Sheahan
16 Apr 2018

Very informative.

Susan Mitchell
16 Apr 2018

Easy to follow and understand. Helps me brush up on my ECG skills.

Amanda Louise Cole
15 Apr 2018

Joanne is very engaging and has a great way of explaining the content

Jacqueline Pirouet
15 Apr 2018

Very well presented

Jacqueline Pirouet
15 Apr 2018

Clearly presented with excellent explanations. Thank you.

Ruth Spencer
15 Apr 2018

well presented

Esther Sibanda
15 Apr 2018

very educative.well explained.thank you.

Esther Sibanda
15 Apr 2018

This Presenter is exceptional have really enjoyed learning with her

Simon Elmaleh
15 Apr 2018

Joanne Reading is an amazing lecturer who makes difficult concepts easy to understand. Thanks Ausmed!

jennifer Brown
14 Apr 2018

she is really good

Elenore Quebral
13 Apr 2018

Fantastic Lecture!!!!

Laura McDonnell
13 Apr 2018

Excellent topic

Maria Ives
13 Apr 2018