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Consider a resident in your care who is nearing the end of life - their wish is to spend their remaining time engaging with friends and family, but their pain management regime means that they're usually sedated and asleep when they have visitors. No-one has asked them what their goals for their treatment are. Join Dale Long for a frank look at how we manage pain in older adults, especially toward end of life, and how we can improve this process and improve our resident's quality of life.


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Dale Long

Dale Long is a Registered Nurse who has worked in various cancer care, palliative care, and pain management roles in inpatient and domiciliary settings for the past 25 years in both Victoria and Queensland. She is an experienced presenter with a strong commitment to educating nurses to improve the quality of pain management delivered to patients. Dale is a member of the Australian Pain Society.




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Maria Francesca Caporlingua
14 Mar 2019

it reinforced my knowledge it was excellent

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Trevor Lowe
03 Mar 2019

Clear and simple and a reminder of getting back to basics. Love the opqrstuv acronym.

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Elaine Dy
10 Feb 2019

straightforward and informative

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Marjorie Herbert
26 Jan 2019

Educator was engaging and knowledgeable giving direct prompts for better patient care and comfort.

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Melanie Lopez
22 Jan 2019

Very relevant, short but straight to the point.

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Petalyn Grace Tootell
07 Dec 2018

This online lecture is very relevant to my job as an RN working in an aged care where most of the residents are experiencing pain . This topic might be short but very specific and was easily understood.

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Bruce Morrice
20 Aug 2018

Clear and concise. Thoroughly familiar with her topic.

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Stephen Dunk
30 May 2018


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Sarah May Twibill
07 May 2018

Very informative talk about providing the right pain relief in the older patient. It was a good refresher.

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Shweta kamlesh shukla
07 May 2018