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A rare reaction with a potentially fatal outcome, Erin Wakefield describes the genetic condition that is malignant hyperthermia. This crucial lecture draws awareness to the life-saving knowledge health professionals need to have in time-pressured situations.


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Erin Wakefield

Erin Wakefield is currently studying toward a master of advanced nursing via research. She holds postgraduate qualifications in clinical simulation and perioperative nursing. Erin has been a perioperative nurse for almost 20 years and is currently a perioperative clinical nurse educator in the public sector in Melbourne. She has worked in the private, public, remote, and metro perioperative settings and counts as a career highlight working in northern Kenya for Red Cross as a theatre manager. Erin has a true passion for empowering nurses through education. She is a strong advocate for graduate nurses in the perioperative setting, in particular through the development of an invested preceptorship team and the creation of a safe learning environment. Her other professional interests include multi-disciplinary simulation, research, and creating a positive learning culture through interactive, hands-on and engaging educational initiatives.



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Breanna Batham
14 Jul 2019

Succinct. Informative.

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louise ann mackie
14 Jul 2019

very good clear concise in service

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Caitilin McTaggart
09 Jul 2019

Very brief overview but a good reminder of the importance of recognizing the symptoms and treating immediately.

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Warren Kemp
03 Jul 2019

loved it

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Ze Liu
03 Jul 2019

malignant hyperthermia genetic condition hypermetabolic state body cant metabolise the medication muscle cells depleted of their energy, them die, this release K hyperkalemia may lead to : cardiac arrest, kidney faliure, coagulation problem, internal haemorrhage, brain injury, liver failure, fatality signs spasm muscle rigidity rising CO2 rise temp cardiac arrhythmias Treatment: Dantrolene, cool the patient How to detect family history