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Fractures occuring due to osteoporosis are frighteningly common and undiagnosed. Join Kate Bell for this update and follow on from her lecture entitled "Fragile Bones - Minimal Trauma Fractures in the Older Person" to learn about how osteoporosis affects the bone and the ongoing consequences this can have for the person affected.


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Kate Bell

Kate has worked in a major tertiary hospital in Queensland since 2007. Her work has centred on general orthopaedic nursing including trauma, aged care and making the link between low trauma fracture and osteoporosis. Kate's qualifications include a Masters of Nurse Practitioner Studies (special interest in Osteoporosis) and Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Ageing and Dementia Studies). Kate is passionate about sharing information and improving the identification and treatment of osteoporosis in ageing adults.




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Dianne Walsh
17 Mar 2019

This review updated my knowledge and I learnt new information regarding treatments.

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Genette Hobson-Campbell
24 Feb 2019

This resource was very informative and I felt the presenter really knew there field of speciality. I did gain quite a bit more information than I originally thought within a 28 minute tutorial.

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Susan Sinclair
11 Nov 2018

Informative and well presented

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emma honner
24 Jul 2018


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Valerie Courreges
30 May 2018

Fast moving and informative

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Devika Nandanimala
27 May 2018


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Melissa Schuberg
23 May 2018

Informative and concise lecture.

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Sallianne Reed
18 May 2018

excellent tutorial

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caragh pugh
12 May 2018


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Janelle McIntosh
09 May 2018