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Listening to what patients are not saying – hearing the unheard – is as important as being attentive to what they are saying. Patient satisfaction, now seen as a key outcome of care, is often a difficult outcome to achieve.


Jane Stanfield

Jane Stanfield is a health service improvement coach. She comes with 30 years’ experience in healthcare, half as a clinician and half in health administration, support and coaching. Having had a brush with burnout herself and several close family members receiving healthcare, her focus is on bringing compassion back to healthcare for all involved. Her current use of neuroscience and mindfulness at work enables healthcare providers to work with their own mind, emotions and behaviour to influence their culture in a way that will energise and motivate them as they manage the safety and reliability of their care and its focus on the patient—whilst caring for themselves. Jane is currently coaching several nurse leaders; and runs workshops on leadership, shaping cultures, wellbeing, and communication and patient safety (CAPS). Her most recent professional development personally is in LEAN thinking – reducing waste and improving flow in healthcare….because waste is disrespectful to people!




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Kirsty walsh
04 Jun 2018


Sirini Prathibha Ariyarathna Korale Kankanamge
31 May 2018


Stephen Dunk
30 May 2018

This was so refreshing and warm after almost 5 years in aged care nd being a little downcast it was nice to see a teacher so amiable and open.

Valerie Courreges
30 May 2018


Dorothy-anne burrows
30 May 2018


Jonathan Wood
25 May 2018

Worth watching. I am going to try to be even more vigilant in improving my patients’ experience at my workplace.

Kerrie Myhill
24 May 2018

Great perspective

Yasmine Lockyer
20 May 2018


Kahondo Mutsa
19 May 2018

Great content

Theresa Diane Johnson
17 May 2018

very good

Maureen Boldiston
16 May 2018

v good

Alisdair Mackenzie
15 May 2018

This lecture reminds us of the way we started out as nurses-fresh and eager in our approach.

Annabel Holmes
11 May 2018

Very well presented clear and easy to understand

Tracy Kiddle
09 May 2018

Great presentation

Kylie McLeod
09 May 2018

Found very interesting and engaging.

Sally Ellis
08 May 2018

Poor quality

gabrielle Grant
06 May 2018

A really good session

Eillen Anne (Sandy) Roessler
06 May 2018

Very applicable to my daily work to remember these things when providing patient care and to add more value to their hospital experiences.

Christian Alagao
05 May 2018

Thought provoking presentation

Judy Applegarth
05 May 2018


Penelope Sullivan
04 May 2018

Would like to hear more and more examples !

Marian Soares
03 May 2018

Excellent presentation. A bit disappointed about the background noise

Julie Ferguson
02 May 2018

the educator was good.

Sharon Whittaker
02 May 2018


Gurnam Singh Saini
02 May 2018

Some interesting points

Jane Guerin
01 May 2018

Interesting thanks

Sarah Peacock
01 May 2018

Good presentation

Virginia Margaret Grove
30 Apr 2018

Interesting reminder to be more mindful in patient interactions.

Vanessa Lane
29 Apr 2018

Excellent! It is very important and interesting presentation

Almaz Gebremeskel
29 Apr 2018

We are all so busy this was a wake up call to make time to talk and listen

Gillian calladine
29 Apr 2018

Very interesting! Some food for thought.

Kathryn Hyde
29 Apr 2018

excellent would like to see more of this speaker

Janette Elliott
28 Apr 2018

I learnt a alot in the importance of-what this presentation clip is about; Listening to what patients a not saying - hearing the unheard - is as important as being attentive to what they are saying. Patients satisfaction is the key outcome of care.

Rhonda Waiyo
26 Apr 2018


Chetna Sharma
26 Apr 2018