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This session investigates the link between the gut and the brain. Better understand how stress can affect your gut and the relationship between anxiety, depression and gastrointestinal conditions like IBS and IBD.


Antonina Mikocka-Walus

Antonina Mikocka-Walus (MA(Psych), PhD), is an associate professor of psychology at Deakin University. She is also visiting an associate professor of psychology at the University of Adelaide, an adjunct senior research fellow at the University of South Australia, and a visiting senior research fellow at Health Sciences, University of York, UK. She has a particular interest in the psychology of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including the links between anxiety, depression, stress, inflammation and disease activity, as well as psychotherapy and antidepressants, with over 90 research publications and several research grants received from such organisations as the Wellcome Trust, the Broad Foundation, and Crohn’s and Colitis Australia. Her research has informed international guidelines on IBD: the American College of Gastroenterology IBD Guidelines (2017) and the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation IBD guidelines (2013). She currently leads the Mind-Body Working Group at the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation.




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Tracey Muir
28 Nov 2018

Very interesting. There was so issues with the sound recording for a few minute but content was good.

Angela Wessling
23 Nov 2018

This lecturer was very engaging and the subject interesting however the quality of the video was poor.

Susan Chalmers
22 Nov 2018

Very informative but at some stages, difficult to understand - possibly due to issues with lecturer's microphone

Sheryl Gruhn
19 Nov 2018