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Refresh your memory with this practical and informative presentation, and finally master the art of recording 12 lead ECG.


Joanne Reading

Joanne Reading is a clinical educator within the 42 bed ICU at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, which also services critically ill patients from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Women’s Hospital. Joanne holds a critical care graduate certificate and a master of health science with a focus on education. She is also the author of her own nursing education website called “Blogging for your Noggin”. With a special interest in all things cardiac and respiratory. Joanne is passionate about ensuring that education not only fosters critical thinking but is entertaining in the process!




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Very good presentation on ecgs

Leilani Mcdonald Murane
19 Nov 2018

Very informative

Juliette Aizier
14 Nov 2018

Fantastic :) :)

Ashley Thomson
10 Nov 2018

Very informative for those with basic ECG knowledge

Rebecca ann dileo
14 Sep 2018

The correct placing of the ECG leads are very important. Thank you for the timely reminder.

Lynn Broderick
11 Sep 2018


Kathryn morey
10 Sep 2018

She is an excellent communicator

Wendy Boehringer
06 Aug 2018

A great informative refresher; Lecturer very easy to listen to & stay engaged with.

Kimberly Higgs
29 Jul 2018

Great practical session on performing an ECG assessment.

Karen Tuohy
16 Jul 2018

Good in service.

Brenda Wilson
31 May 2018

Helpful and engaging

Ashleigh Ford
30 May 2018


Lerene Fairhurst
30 May 2018


Kahondo Mutsa
20 May 2018

The educator was very knowledgeable in presenting the topic.

Sadia ibrahim
17 May 2018

Interesting educator uses great examples

Marcelle White
17 May 2018

Fantastic presentation

Jenny Mattes
16 May 2018

Good presentation, easy to understand

Susan K March
15 May 2018

Great reminder of good technique

Tanya Robbins
13 May 2018

excellent refresh of the basics.

Fleur Harlock
12 May 2018

Succent,informative and enjoyable.

Anna Medley
11 May 2018

Succent,very informative and enjoyable.

Anna Medley
11 May 2018

Great lecture

Charmain Hatch
08 May 2018

Learnt some new things not taught in my studies i feel would be relevant to be taught along with how to apply and take an ecg

Rebecca Warnock
05 May 2018

Excellent information, easy to follow and understand

Jessica Clissold
03 May 2018

Engaging, easy to listen to and understand

Kimberley Kozumplik
28 Apr 2018


Renae Renae
28 Apr 2018

Excellent presentation - very clear, engaged the audience well and gave good practical advice.

Robyn Forrester
26 Apr 2018

The educator was very clear in her lecture delivery by reinforcing important points, and making the subject relevant to the nursing clinical area.

Deborah Truskett
23 Apr 2018

Great information delivered in an engaging way.

Sarah Thompson
23 Apr 2018

Great refresher on lead placement and other factors affecting and ECG

Alysha Hack
22 Apr 2018

This is a quality and empowering presentation!

Jenna He
22 Apr 2018


Mary Frances Moloney
21 Apr 2018

This lecture was great. I couldn't believe how many important tips I came away with just by watching and listening closely to this video. Joanne Reading has a fantastic way of making things easy to understand. Thanks Ausmed!

jennifer Brown
20 Apr 2018

very knowledgeable

Kylie Cesai
19 Apr 2018

Informative and well presented.

Pietryna Duch
19 Apr 2018

Very good.

Maree Findlay
16 Apr 2018

Very relevant

Edmond Thaw
15 Apr 2018

Excellent presentation. Very informative and enjoyable to watch.

Christine Knox
14 Apr 2018

Easy to understand. Reinforce led and refreshed a lot of early learning.

Harriet Travers
13 Apr 2018

Really good

Simon Elmaleh
12 Apr 2018

Excellent presentation!

Oliver Fittock
12 Apr 2018


cheuk yi fung
11 Apr 2018


Courtney Jameson
10 Apr 2018

Presentation was interesting and informative. Presenter was knowledgeable of subject and engaging.

Christine Hulands
10 Apr 2018


Lin Jiang
10 Apr 2018


Caitlin Ridler
10 Apr 2018

Very engaging and great information

Hayley Mackay
07 Apr 2018

The presentation is really informative and the lecturer has given simple but relevant details on ECG

Joanne Melissa Deiparine
07 Apr 2018

Great topic and presentation... simple yet informative

Joanne Melissa Deiparine
07 Apr 2018

Lecturer was engaging and clear

Nikki Goldfinch
06 Apr 2018

Great resource

Trisha Eisenhuth
05 Apr 2018

Very informative tutorial

Cheryl Algie
05 Apr 2018


Soumyamol Binesh
04 Apr 2018

Really enjoyed this...thank you

Cathleen Carey
04 Apr 2018

Love this tutor she is very good at delivering these lessons

Cheryl Carpenter
03 Apr 2018

Well delivered and simplified.

Eurah Apor
03 Apr 2018

Informative and direct

Christine E Fletcher
02 Apr 2018

Very informative

Lourdes Ingebrigtsen
01 Apr 2018

Very interesting and informative.

Felicity Lockett
31 Mar 2018

Excellent, plenty of valid information presented extremely well

Blue Stockmann
30 Mar 2018

Excellent and engaging review on ECG by Joanne

Edith Nkwenty
30 Mar 2018

Some information interest Ng other information felt off topic and long winded

Jessie lauria
30 Mar 2018

Good educator

Stewart morris
30 Mar 2018

Very good and informative lecture.

Kriebel felicja
29 Mar 2018

Very engaging speaker. The green pen was a mistake!

Janet Russell-Cox
29 Mar 2018


alisdair alisdair
28 Mar 2018

Brilliant presenter and revision

Louise Macfarlane
28 Mar 2018

Excellent refresher

Sarah Niven
26 Mar 2018

Good presentation

Wadzana Nollie HWATA
26 Mar 2018


Maureen Huggins
22 Mar 2018

Great Topic covered.

Mathew Brindley
21 Mar 2018

This is a very informative video which covers a wide range of information including action potentials and ECG machine calibration. I have gained knowledge that I can now develop and adapt to my work.

Bianca Humphrey
20 Mar 2018

Wel presented

Mark Randy Arroyo
20 Mar 2018

excellent speaker. clear and interesting presentation. worth-well to watch

Lei Zhang
19 Mar 2018

Very informative and presented in a lively and interesting manner

Jenny McWha
19 Mar 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed

Theresa Diane Johnson
18 Mar 2018

Very well explained and provided useful tips.

Michele Selby
18 Mar 2018

Good comprehensive refresher

Sarah Hedges
18 Mar 2018

I found the educator to present the subject very clearly and she clearly new what she was talking about. Even though ECG information is a difficult subject to understand, the educator was able to keep my attention throughout.

Andreas Waltmann
17 Mar 2018

Very easy to understand throughout this lecture.

Jacinta Marie Costigan
17 Mar 2018

Very informative and clearly explained.

Jenne Irvine
17 Mar 2018

Very relevant

Lauren Marriott
16 Mar 2018

very helpful.

Dianne MacKenzie
16 Mar 2018

very good refresher and update in ECG taking

cathleen Farewell
15 Mar 2018

A very informative seminar.

Rebecca Noble
15 Mar 2018

Good refresher

Moira Munro
15 Mar 2018