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This incredibly detailed and research-based presentation will provide you with the absolute latest and most up-to-date research in the area of the microbiome. Learn about the difference between 'microbiota' and 'microbiome', and how researchers think that the neonatal microbiota actually originates. And most importantly, watch this presentation to settle that argument of whether or not delivery mode of a baby contributes to their microbiome...


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Marloes Dekker Nitert

Dr Marloes Dekker Nitert is a senior research fellow at The University of Queensland. Marloes is a biomedical researcher with a PhD from Lund University in Sweden. Her research focuses on the role of metabolism in complications of pregnancy. She currently heads a laboratory research group at the UQ Centre for Clinical Research, studying the role of the gut microbiome in pregnancy, the role of food additives on placental function and placental gene expression, and epigenetic markers in pregnancy complications. Marloes works closely together with clinician-scientists and clinicians at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. She is part of the SPRING RCT team, which assesses if probiotics can prevent gestational diabetes mellitus in overweight and obese women. Marloes is a scientific representative on the SOMANZ council.




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Wendy Thornton
17 Feb 2019

Excellent research information and well presented. Clear and easily understood. Very relevant to those working with neonates and young children as well as adults.

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Maura Penn
15 Feb 2019

Interesting and informative supporting my belief of the importance of breastfeeding and healthy diet for mothers

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Sarah Stenson
19 Nov 2018

Great lecture. I look forward to learning more about the microbiome and its effects on health as new research sheds light on this topic.

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Kirsten Boon
30 Aug 2018

Very interesting to hear that mode of delivery did not seem to have an impact on infant microbes

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cecilynz shen
23 Jul 2018


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Maureen Huggins
20 Jul 2018

Interesting and informative