How to Change Behaviour

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In this provocative lecture based on his best-selling book, Adam Ferrier, the man driving consumer engagement for brands such as Levi’s and Pepsi, arms you with a new way of thinking around and inspiring lasting, tangible change using a potent blend of human psychology and advertising know-how.


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Adam Ferrier is a multi-award winning advertising creative and founder of the agency Thinkerbell. He is also a leading Australian consumer psychologist, an expert brand strategist and an authority on Behavioural Economics. Adam is the author of The Advertising Effect and part of The Australian Creatives’ Power 20; a regular on the Gruen series and has featured on The Project, Celebrity Apprentice and ABC Radio. A dynamic, insightful keynote speaker, he hands delegates the keys to sky rocketed motivation – whether to buy, perform or change – through cognitive behavioural psychology and a deep understanding of behavioural economics.
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First Published24 January 2024
Updated24 January 2024
24 January 2026
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