Mechanical Ventilation Basics

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Mechanical ventilation may be required to manage an airway or relieve the work of breathing. However, it is not without potential harm. In this lecture, emergency nurse and clinical nurse educator Jodi Donoghue reviews the basics of mechanical ventilation, including ventilation strateges. Note: This session relies on some prior knowledge and skills, including basic life support and basic airway management. This includes using a bag valve mask, inserting a Guedel and using a nasopharyngeal airway.


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Jodi Donoghue is a Registered Nurse with over 12 years of critical care nursing experience in the neurosurgical, emergency, and intensive care fields. She is currently the Clinical Nurse Educator at the NWRH Emergency Department. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience Nursing, a Graduate Diploma in Acute Care Nursing, and a Masters Degree in Emergency Nursing, and is also the health and safety representative for the NWRH and MCH Emergency Departments.
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First Published25 July 2022
Updated25 July 2022
25 July 2025
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