Reimagining Clinical Education in the Era of AI

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In this session by William Pammet, discover the profound impact of AI on clinical education. Through practical examples, explore how AI has fundamentally changed the tasks that can be digitally assisted or automated. Gain insight into the evolving landscape, uncovering new opportunities to leverage AI in healthcare education.


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Will Pamment is the COO and Co-Founder of SimConverse. SimConverse leverages its proprietary AI technology to deliver large-scale communication skills training across APAC, North America, the UK & Europe. The company was founded in 2020 during Will's MD-PhD which focused on augmenting the accessibility of communication skills training through improved pedagogy and education technology. Will's healthcare background and research career coupled with the AI expertise of his Co-Founder, Aiden, culminated in the formation of what is now the leading accessible communication skills training provider globally.
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First Published12 February 2024
Updated12 February 2024
12 February 2026
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