Conducting a Strengths Based Mental Health Assessment

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Contemporary mental health assessment formats are designed to seek information that confirms a client’s pathology. This means the individual is seen through a narrow biomedical lens rather than the wider context of their life. In this lecture, Associate Professor and mental health nurse practitioner Tim Wand explores the benefits of using a strengths based approach to assessment, which focuses on the client's successes, current strengths and future hopes rather than present problems and their past causes.


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Tim Wand is an Associate Professor and Nurse Practitioner in mental health with the University of Sydney and Sydney Local Health District. His role combines clinical, teaching and research activities. Tim has extensive experience in emergency mental health and has published multiple research papers in this field. He has a particular interest in psychotherapeutic approaches for responding to people in states of acute agitation or distress.
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First Published14 February 2023
Updated14 February 2023
14 February 2025
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