Acquired Brain Injury and Post-traumatic Amnesia

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Acquired brain injuries (ABIs) occur after birth as a result of damage sustained by infection, disease, lack of oxygen or trauma. The long-term impacts of an ABI can affect many aspects of a person's life and health. In this lecture, rehabilitation nurse educator Sally Moyle provides an insight into the causes, symptoms, types, effects and management of ABIs. It also reviews post-traumatic amnesia.


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Sally Moyle is a rehabilitation nurse educator with Epworth HealthCare. She has completed her masters of nursing (clinical nursing and teaching) and has experience in many nursing sectors including rehabilitation, orthopaedic, neurosurgery, emergency, aged care and general surgery. Sally is passionate about education in nursing in order to produce the best nurses possible.
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First Published02 October 2022
Updated02 October 2022
03 October 2025
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