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Healthcare and personal care workers are often on the frontline when times get tough and working in such high-pressure environments can cause us to neglect our self-care. Mark Aitken from Nurse & Midwife Support reminds us that our health matters, and taking care of ourselves will, in turn, improve the outcomes of those we care for.


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Mark Aitken has been a proud registered nurse for over 30 years. He has worked in many areas of nursing and midwifery, including general surgical and medical units, critical care, sexual and reproductive health, education, research, project management, maternity services and residential, community and speciality aged care services. Supporting nurses and midwives has been a constant in Mark’s career. He believes that patients receive the best care when staff are supported. Mark is currently the stakeholder engagement manager at Nurse & Midwife Support (NM Support). NM Support provides nurses and midwives, students and anyone concerned about the welfare of a nurse or midwife with confidential, anonymous and free advice and referral. The goal of NM Support is to promote better health for nurses, midwives and students, as well as safer care for the public.
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First Published12 August 2021
Updated12 August 2021
12 August 2024
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