Eye Emergencies

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Emergency nurse practitioner Claire Lobb presents on best-practice prehospital and emergency management and care of a patient who has sustained an eye injury. Fast treatment is crucial when caring for these patients: Watch now!


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Claire Lobb is an Endorsed Nurse Practitioner in a large tertiary emergency department in Melbourne. Claire has been nursing for over 20 years and has been involved in several research and quality improvement projects in that time. Claire currently facilitates and manages a nurse practitioner candidate program and supports the learning needs of candidates, providing clinical mentorship for nurse practitioner candidates, and nurse practitioner Master's students. She is a passionate clinical leader in emergency nursing and is committed to improving the care and lives of patients. Claire works alongside nursing and medical staff to ensure a holistic and collaborative approach is a priority when caring for patients.
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First Published15 August 2021
Updated21 May 2024
29 June 2027
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